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By the entrance to the harbour is the fishmarket and landing quay which was constructed in 2000

About Fishmarket

Built with financial assistance from Europe, the building houses a sales area for fish landed in Eyemouth, an ice plant from which boats load up with ice to preserve their catch, a small visitor centre, and a viewing deck with an excellent outlook over the harbour and the town.
Also located within the fishmarket building is The Harbour Master's office. The Harbour Master is responsible to the Harbour Trust, which has owned and managed the whole harbour area since 1882, when it was established by an Act of Parliament.
Return to the opposite side of the harbour and Harbour Road.
There are many buildings associated with the fishing industry here. including that of the Fisherman's Mutual Association, a co-operative of local fishermen that assists with the catching and marketing of fish, which was founded in 1946. There are also beating sheds (used for repairing nets) and lobster ponds. Number 34 is an early 19th century pantiled building, an example of a traditionally detailed harbour- side building.

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