Fell of Barhullion

Ancient, Ruins
The Fell of Barhullion is a prominent landmark in the West Machars and the summit is occupied by a hillfort with double walls and defensive structures.

About Fell of Barhullion

The Fell of Barhullion summit, marked by a cairn and OS triangulation point, was once the centre of a hillfort, comprising two concentric ovals, with extensive views in all directions except the east. The fort was built in two phases - firstly with an earthen rampart, and then with a stone wall. You can see the debris from the wall in the western part of the fort. Possible "chevaux de frise", earthfast blocks, c.1' high, have been identified in the outer defensive ring, but may also be another wall from which most of the material has been robbed out. The OS visit of 1973 recorded that the inner wall, which is particularly massive, may contain chambers or galleries, though excavation is needed to prove this. This area also includes cup and ring markings on both sides of the Fell, particularly down towards Blairbuy farm.

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