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Elmlea plants is a small, family run nursery set in the garden behind our little cottage in Galloway.

About Elmlea Plants

Elmlea Plants has been in business since 2000. At first we sold plants here at the nursery and at a couple of local plant fairs. Before long we were taking our plants to a wider audience at national shows here in Scotland and in Northern Ireland. Since the start of the pandemic last year we have expanded our mail order business and now offer a wide range of plants by post. We specialise in hardy perennials and grasses. Our selection reflects our own taste in plants and grows each season as we discover new passions.We are well known for our wide selection of later flowering perennials which extend the season well into autumn. This includes rudbeckias, salvias, eupatoriums and the grasses which are Giles's speciality. We also have a bit of a weakness for umbellifers and anything tall and interesting.
We try to have plants for every situation in the garden with ligularias, rheums, gunneras, primulas and much more for damp or boggy areas. Our own garden here tends to be dry and sunny with well drained soil so we always have lots of Mediterranean type plants including stachys, agastache, santolina and erigerons. Plants for shade are favourites too and we always have something to offer for these tricky spots in the garden.
All our stock is grown here from seed, cuttings or divisions except those with Plant Breeders Rights which we cannot propagate for resale and have to buy in as young plants. We don't use heat at all so our plants are tough and flower at their natural time.
Plants are displayed in our sales area where you are left to browse undisturbed (unless you are being helped by Hercules the cat or our spaniel puppy Bryn). We are always available to help with your selection and to answer any questions.Many of the plants can also be seen as mature specimens in the garden which you are welcome to explore.
We can also be found at local markets in Wigtown, Castle Douglas and Kirkcudbright as well as plant fairs and shows . Dates can be found on our website or Facebook page.

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