Dunscore Heritage Centre

Religious Buildings
Hear of Dunscore's Jane Haining, an Auschwitz martyr. Discover Dunscore Kirk's long history and about the village and famous local people who have shaped it.

About Dunscore Heritage Centre

We look forward to welcoming you to the Dunscore Heritage Centre.

When you visit, you will hear the incredible story of Jane Haining’s life through her words, letters and possessions. You will find out about how her love and dedication for her charges resulted in her death at Auschwitz.

Our church building has a long and fascinating history. You will learn about The Disruption, the Covenanters and the role of the church in the community through the centuries.

You will discover what makes our village special and how it has changed through the years find out about the famous people that lived in and around Dunscore including Jane Haining, Thomas Carlyle and Robert Burns.

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