Dark Sky Spirits

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Scotland's only wood-fired distillery. Located in Moffat, Southwest Scotland. Offers tours, tastings and sales at their family-friendly site. Opens Spring 2023

About Dark Sky Spirits

Nestled in the Southern Uplands, the Moffat Distillery is a perfect addition to a day out exploring one of Southern Scotland’s most beautiful areas. Moffat is about an hour from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Carlisle, off junction 15 on the M74. The Distillery lies about a mile from Moffat town centre, making it accessible by foot, bike, or car.

As part of an historic spa town, the Moffat Distillery aims to provide a modern retreat, allowing guests to reconnect with friends and family while learning about craft Scotch whisky production. Guests can see the entire process from mashing, fermenting and distilling to casks and our in-house blending and bottling. Tours are approximately 90 minutes and include a sampling of our products which may include gin, aged blends, blended malt Scotch, or new-make spirit.

The distillery offers a small cafe with excellent drinks and locally prepared soups and sandwiches. As a family-friendly distillery, there is plenty to do outside of the building such as wandering through our fields, exploring the river, or relaxing by the lochan. Outdoor games are available as well.

The distillery is expected to open Spring 2023, though there will always be something new to discover no matter when you visit. A warm welcome and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere always awaits!

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