Cringletie Walled Garden

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Cringletie House 400 year old walled garden, today producing fruit, vegetables and flowers for the hotel.

About Cringletie Walled Garden

As was customary in bygone days, grand houses had their own kitchen garden. Mostly in the style of a walled garden where, sheltered from the wind, one could grow some produce almost all year round. As a Baronial Castle, Cringletie House was no exception. The walled garden dates back to around 1660 when the first Cringletie House was built. When the first house was demolished in 1860, the walled garden stayed. When the garden was first created, a yew hedge was planted. The same yew hedge from 1660 is still one of the main features of the garden nowadays. The hedge has been thoroughly pruned. It has worked tremendously and the hedge is now green again. On the other axis of the walled garden, a new arbour was created.

With new owners and new head chef, we have again started production for our own kitchen and we are waiting with excitement to put to use this years produce. The rhubarb jam and chutney is already done by our 18 year old Chef de Partie Grace. If you want to taste some, just ask. Maybe some jam to go with a homemade scone after a stroll?

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