Crichope Linn

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Crichope Linn is a stunning gorge and waterfall between Cample and Gatelawbridge.

About Crichope Linn

The gorge at Crichope Linn is formed by the Crichope Burn which has softened the red sandstone over thousands of years. The Linn can be accessed by a clearly signed path from the roadside but the path can be very wet at times and with no handrails so caution must be taken in places.

In the 17th Century many Covenanters used Crichope Linn as a place of safety as it made a great hiding place from those pursuing them during the Killing Times. The local area is closely linked with the history of the Covenanters and Sir Walter Scott is said to have used the Linn as the basis of John Balfour's hideaway in his Waverley novel Old Mortality. This famous novel deals with the struggles of the Covenanters during the late 17th Century.

Crichope Linn has had many famous visitors due to its natural beauty. As well as Sir Walter Scott, the writers Thomas Carlyle and Robert Burns have both visited the gorge. Burns lived close to Crichope Linn when he owned Ellsiland Farm for a number of years and locals say that the RB initials carved into the rock near the waterfall are those of the great bard himself.

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