Council Offices

History & Heritage
opposite the Auld Kirk stands an imposing building erected in 1874, now housing the local Council Offices but formerly the Commercial Bank of Scotland

About Council Offices

High on the wall above the entrance is a relief carving of a fishing boat that was added in 1880. The ‘Supreme' was chosen because it was the most successful Eyemouth boat in that year. The conical roof of the two storey tower is interesting, with its fish-scale slates and a large gargoyle ornamenting the junction of the tower and eaves of the main block.
At the back of this building is Eyemouth's old town Hall. Now unused, this was a popular venue for dances and concerts in the middle of the 2om century, and well known acts of the ‘50s and ‘60s, such as Tommy Steel, Joe Brown and Lulu played there.

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