Chalkheugh Terrace

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View of Old Roxburgh and Kelso Cauld

About Chalkheugh Terrace

The entrance to Chalkheugh Terrrace is just across from North Parish Church, Roxburgh Street. You can either park in town or along Roxburgh Street and take a short walk to Chalkheugh Terrace to the river.
The terrace offers a wonderful view over the Tweed, Old Roxburgh and Floors Castle. The name Chalkheugh derives from a limestone outcrop here that gave the town its name Calchou or Kelso. Across the river is the site of the Medieval city of Roxburgh, an ancient capital of Scotland. The weir of Cauld on the river was built originally be the monks of Kelso Abbey to provide water to drive their Mill and to provide a flow of water through the Abbey.

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