Castlegate and Glenbank Hotel

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About Castlegate and Glenbank Hotel

Number 91 (at the head of Castlegate) is a good example of 1930’s baronial style public housing. The semicircular tower with its bellcast roof to the left of the building, is an elegant feature. Number 89 is thought to occupy the site of the Townhead Port, the former southern entrance to the town. As you head back down the hill, the buildings are of mixed age, ranging from mid 18th century to late 19th century. Halfway down, set a short distance back from the road, is the Glenbank Hotel dating from the early 19th century, which is plain but well proportioned. As you get nearer to Market Place, you will see that most of the buildings have been modernised but the layout of wynds and closes to the rear remains almost unchanged.

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