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About Castle Street

At one time there were several private schools in Duns, one of which can be found at no. 47 Castle Street. This is a simple looking building in which the ground floor is some distance above the street level. The buildings of Castle Street date from the early 19th century but could incorporate earlier fabric.
70 Castle Street was known as ‘The Beggars’ Neffie’ (fistful) due to the fact that a man who once lived there took part in a peculiar form of trade. The local beggars were at one time given a handful of grain from the Town’s charities in order for them to survive. With this they would head up Castle Street to no. 70 where they subsequently traded the grain for cash from the owner. Who knows what they did with the money but perhaps a few then made their way back downhill towards the Ewe & Lamb!

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