Bessie's Hill

Ancient, Ruins
An Iron Age Fort and settlement with a rich and complex history, nestled in the forests of the upper Esk Valley

About Bessie's Hill

Use the Forestry Commission car park. A gentle walk to the sites follows the forest track from the car park winding up the hillside, taking first right following green poles. Alternatively, you can follow the pleasant, well-defined forest footpath which starts about 25 metres from the public road diagonally up the hillside northwards through the remains of the conifer forest. In about 300 metres this ends at a flight of steps bringing you out on to a forestry track from which you can explore the earlier Bessie's Hill Fort (down the track to the southeast) and the later Bessie's Hill Settlement (uphill to the west of the track).

On the south side of the site, you'll find the Archaeosights interpretation panel with its commentary on the importance of imposing defences which demonstrated power and affluence. If you've taken the forest path, walk about 100 metres south from the steps to a green post which guides you to the easiest path back into the forestry to your left, towards the entrance to the fort.

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