Becks & Gaskells Walk

Low Level Walks
This is a 4km walk starting from Kilngreen car park.

About Becks & Gaskells Walk

The terrain on this 4km walk include roads, tracks and paths. From the car park, walk towards the town centre and turn right over the road bridge across the Esk (Thomas Telford Road). Continue along this road, passing Langholm Academy on the right. Take the next road on the left opposite the sports complex - Academy Place.

The road becomes Eskdaill Street. Opposite the telephone box, turn right up a lane between the houses. At the top of the lane, turn right on a track and bend left with the track. A seat provides a good view across the town. Follow the track right, up the hill, passing stables on the left. At the top of the field, take the level track heading left, with small fields on the right holding a variety of livestock including horses, goats and hens.
To the left the slope falls away affording good views across to Warb Law. At the end of the track, continue ahead on a path between the trees.

The path drops down to the Becks Burn, a charming stream tumbling over boulders. Follow the signs to the footbridge and then climb the steep slope using the handrail. Continue on the path to reach the acress road for Becks Farm. Tum left on the road and follow it as it winds round several bends, giving further good views of the town and the surrounding hills.

At the road end, the route turns right, but it is worth making a short diversion to the left to see the old cemetery in its peaceful location above the river. There are interesting old gravestones, many of them reflecting the high rate of infant mortality that was once common. Old trades represented here include stocking- makers, warpers and cloggers. Return from the cemetery and walk down the road to cross the Wauchope Water by the Auld Stane Brig. In this area was the site of the former Wauchope Castle, now marked only by a few humps in the ground.

A few metres after the bridge, tum left on the marked Gaskells Walk and follow this lovely path as it traverses above the river. For part of the way, the river is in a miniature gorge below you. The path eventually swings right, away from the river. At a junction tum left and then go ahead and through the hedge to turn left again, down steps and into Buccleuch Park.

Go right, across the park, and cross the footbridge. Turn right and where the road swings left, go ahead on another footbridge over the Esk. Walk up John Street ahead to reach the main road. Tum left to return to Kilngreen.

The Langholm Walks Booklet of 14 way-marked walks is available from Welcome to Langholm in the Market Place, The Paper Shop on the High Street, The Buccleuch Centre or by mail to

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