Bailiehill Fort

Ancient, Ruins
A magnificent hill fort, high above the River Esk

About Bailiehill Fort

The climb up Camp Hill to the fort is steep, and can be slippery in wet weather. Park at the roadside. From the parking space, simply go uphill keeping the drystone dyke to your left.

As you explore this site you'll find features resembling those of Castle O'er about 3K to NW. Were they both at one stage frontier fortresses? This may have been "Debatable Land" between the territories of the Novantae to the west and their neighbours the Selgovae in what are now the Borders. There were probably clashes from time to time. You will see views of the Black Esk river where it meets the White Esk river to become the River Esk, flowing south to Langholm and beyond.

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