Back Row

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Back Row is probably one of the oldest roads in Selkirk, but again this area has been redeveloped

About Back Row

Immediately after house number 66 is the next plaque and a stone inscribed: F M T B 1700. This is a marriage stone and commemorates the wedding of an apprentice mason who once lived on this site. It has already been saved twice during rebuilding phases.
Continue down the street to the intersection with Tower Street. This road was developed early in the 19th century to create a new road to the south and is now part of the busy A7. Cross the road and look for number 37, where you can see the ‘Lady Well’ through the garden gate. The next building is the Volunteer Hall, which was built in 1867 as the Drill Hall of the local “reservists.” Its military uses ceased in the early 1970s.

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