Auchenrath Farm, Duncow

Farm on the Duncow East walking route, close to points with panoramic views of the Solway and Cumbria.

About Auchenrath Farm, Duncow

After about a kilometre, at Knowefoot Place, take the left fork signposted “Footpath to North Riddingwood”. This path takes you towards Auchenrath Farm. As you get close to the farm buildings, bear right and continue along the path swinging to the left further up the hill, walking downhill to arrive at the junction. This part of the walk provides the walker with amazing panoramic views of the Solway and Cumbria. As you walk you will see many rounalls – walled areas of trees which are still used to shelter the cattle and sheep in winter. Many of these have been extended to provide larger woodlands.

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