Ashkirk Aisle

Religious Buildings
Ancient kirk site and famous Will Ogilvie's Family Aisle

About Ashkirk Aisle

Ashkirk, both church and village can trace their origins back nearly 1,000 years. Its first recorded mention is in the records of the Bishop of Glasgow in 1116. The present church was built in 1790 and is category B listed for its historic and architectural significance. The graveyard that surrounds it contains many interesting gravestones, the earliest dating to the late seventeenth century.
Ashkirk was the kirk of the Ogilvie family when they lived at nearby Harrtwoodmyres. There is a family burial aisle in the kirkyard. Will Ogilvie, brought his wife and family to live in Kirklea, the old Free Kirk Manse, on the outskirts of Ashkirk, in 1917. They lived there for the remainder of their lives. Will died in 1963 and is commemorated in the Ogilvie family aisle. His ashes were scattered further down the road near the Ogilvie Cairn.

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