Arniston House

Arniston has been home to the Dundas family since 1571. Join us for a Guided Tour, stay in one of our charming, holiday cottages or consider holding an event.

About Arniston House

Arniston Estate has been home to the Dundas family for more than four centuries and today is a working estate featuring a range of farming operations, forestry, fishing and visitor attraction activities. Arniston House is a magnificent Palladian style William Adam mansion house commissioned in 1724 by Robert Dundas. The Arniston House collection contains generations of family portraits and exquisite artworks by such artists as Ramsay, Raeburn and Nasmyth; as well as beautiful period furniture, stunning architecture and stucco work.

The family still own and live in the house today. The present owners, the Dundas-Bekker family have been involved in a long programme of restoration work and continue to lovingly reinstate the home that had been ravaged by dry rot in the 1950’s. The family’s administration of Arniston House and the estate is guided by an unwavering commitment to preserving this remarkable legacy of history, architecture and art. One of the most rewarding aspects is the opportunity to share this beautiful home and its history with visitors, taking them on an intriguing 90 minute tour putting the house into context with the not only the family history but Scottish and world events.

It is with great passion for a shared heritage and the enthusiasm to embrace the future, Arniston is expanding activities to include a range of event opportunities, bespoke, artistry and group tours, community activities and specialized guest services. We are also delighted to bring Arniston to life on screen in the exciting world of film and television.

Bookable tours and experiences

Arniston House - Outlander tours

A 45-minute guided tour specifically of the areas which were utilised for the filming of the “Wilmington” episode of Outlander season 4.

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Arniston House - Tour

Arniston Estate has been home to the Dundas family for more than four centuries and today, Arniston House.

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