Allanhaugh Tower

Reivers, Ruins
Sometimes called Allanmouth Tower from its position high on a bank above the Allan Water not far from its confluence with the Teviot

About Allanhaugh Tower

Tower is located at: NT 45579 10244. Park carefully on the side of the road and use the bridge to cross the river to reach the Tower.
A stronghold of the Scotts of Buccleuch of which now only the lower vaulted storey remains it was a watchtower for Branxholme although by the end of the 16th Century the Scotts of Allanhaugh were at feud with their chief. In a field beside the tower in 1627 a duel was fought which is commemorated in the ballad “Rattlin’, Roarin’ Willie” when Willie, William Henderson of Priesthaugh, “a noted ballad maker and brawler whose sword hand was as dreaded as his bow hand was admired” slew his fellow minstrel, nick-named “Sweet Milk”or “Rob Rool”. In the “Lay of the Last Minstrel” Sir Walter Scott describes the duel thus:-

“On Teviot’s side in fight they stood,
And tuneful hands were stained with blood.”

Willie was tried and hung. Allan Cunningham’s version of the ballad of “Rattlin’, Roarin’ Willie ends:-

“The lassies of Ousenam Water
Are rugging and riving their hair,
And a’ for the sake o’ Willie –
They’ll hear his sangs nae mair;
Nae mair to his merry fiddle
Dance Teviot’s maidens free;
My curses on their cunning
Wha gaured sweet Willie dee

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