Tempest Brewing Co


Tempest Brewing Co

The best place to experience our beer is in our recently remodelled taproom. With tables inside and out, you'll be drinking the freshest, tastiest beer straight from source. Each week we're joined by a first-rate food truck to help soak up that delicious. We run brewery tours each Saturday (from £20pp) tickets are available from tempestbrewco.com

Our brewery shop is open from Monday-Saturday and you can expect the freshest cans at the best prices, with special offers only available in the brewery shop.

About Tempest Brewing Co

From a garage in New Zealand, to one of Scotland’s most revered cult breweries, to one of the top rated breweries in the world; Tempest is a triumph of a relentless dedication to quality and consistency. To create a beer with the emphasis on ingredients, production and story is to create the perfect storm. And we’ve been brewing up storm after storm from our brewery in the Scottish Borders for over ten years. With an onsite taproom and bottle shop it might very well be the centre of the craft beer universe.


The experiences can be tailored. Contact us for more information.

Tour the Tempest Brewery

Price: £20

Capacity: 7 to 35 people

Duration: 1:30

Availability: All Year Round