Robert Smail’s Printing Works


Robert Smail’s Printing Works

• See how newspapers, tickets, posters and letterheads were printed before the digital age.
• Discover a working letterpress printer.

About Robert Smail’s Printing Works

Your clients will be able to visit the oldest working commercial letterpress printers in the UK – a living museum of Victorian History.

In the heart of Innerleithen lies this gem of printing history. Robert Smail’s Printing Works is an operational letterpress printer and an important part of Scotland’s industrial heritage.

Between 1866 and 1986, newspapers, business cards, stationery for local traders and letterheads all passed through the inky presses of this thriving business. The printing presses, some of which date back to the Victorian era, can be seen in action; shelves of type line the walls, revealing the changing fashions for typefaces; and 52 giant guardbooks showcase almost every item printed by the family firm.

Your clients will also be able to admire the waterwheel that once powered the printing works.

Robert Smail’s Printing Works is suitable for both group and FIT clients.


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Guided Tour

Price: £105 per 15-20pax

Capacity: 7 to 35 people

Duration: 1hr

Availability: All year around on request