Priorwood Gardens


Priorwood Gardens

• Explore the rustic walled garden located in the ancient precinct of Melrose Abbey.
• Enjoy a walk in the old orchard, where over 70 heritage varieties of apple are grown organically.

About Priorwood Gardens

When your clients visit Priorwood Garden, they will notice three distinct beautiful areas.

The first area is Scotland’s only garden that used to be dedicated to dried flowers. Most of the flowers and herbs were grown for this purpose but they also provide an impressive display, especially in summer when the herbaceous borders are at their vibrant and colourful best.

The second area, the orchard, cultivates many historical apple varieties, as well as plums, pears, damsons and greengages. It also provides wonderfully framed views across Melrose Abbey.

Finally, the shady woodland area brings a touch of untamed wildness to the garden.

Priorwood Garden is suitable for both group and FIT clients.


The experiences can be tailored. Contact us for more information.

Guided Tour

Price: £105 per 15-20pax

Capacity: 35 to 50 people

Duration: 1h

Availability: All year around on request