Logan Botanic Garden


Logan Botanic Garden

The Garden’s avenues and borders feature a fascinating array of half-hardy perennials, many native to the southern hemisphere. Visitors can walk through
groves of eucalyptus and palm trees or stand in the shade of awesome giant rhubarb-like Gunnera plants.

The elegant Victorian-style Logan Conservatory houses tender exotic plants from South Africa, which are a delight to see. The Conservatory is the first ‘all green greenhouse in the UK’ and the Garden has been awarded gold from the Green Tourism scheme.

About Logan Botanic Garden

Take a walk into paradise at Logan Botanic Garden, also known as ‘Scotland’s Most Exotic Garden’. Located on the south-west tip of Scotland and warmed by the Gulf Stream, this is a beautiful five-star Garden where plants from South and Central America, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand flourish.


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Garden admission

Price: £5.70

Capacity: 35 to 50 people

Duration: 90 minutes

Availability: As per opening ties