Cream o’ Galloway


Cream o’ Galloway

We are already a 'Net Zero' farm. This has been achieved through the planting of 35,000 trees over 20 years ago and the carbon sequestration in our soils.
We are the largest farm in Europe using the ‘cow-with-calf’ system which means we have stopped taking calves away from their mothers shortly after birth. We now leave the calves with their mum to suckle naturally. We certainly get less milk, but they also less stress, which means a better life for the cows and their calves.

About Cream o’ Galloway

Cream o' Galloway and our sister company The Ethical Dairy provide a range of food and farming experiences.

You can take part in a hands-on guided activity to create your very own ice cream flavour or craft your own cheese, where you will learn how to make soft and a hard cheese The soft cheese can be easily replicated at home.

The Ethical Dairy is pioneering a new approach to dairy farming that prioritises the environment and animal welfare. The farm tour is led by a member of our farm team and it is designed primarily for adults with an interest in the environment, farming or food production. Guests will go on a walking tour of our farm and will have the opportunity to meet the cows and their calves. They will hear an explanation of our farming system and how our approach differs from conventional dairy farming.


The Ethical Dairy Farm Tour - Farming with Nature

Price: £25

Capacity: 7 to 35 people

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Availability: March to November

Artisan Cheese Making Workshop

Price: £95

Capacity: 1 to 6 people (FIT)

Duration: 6.5 hrs

Availability: All year round

Ice Cream Making & Family Friendly Farm Tour (Group of up to 3 people)

Price: £43

Capacity: 7 to 35 people

Duration: 5 Hours

Availability: March to November