Traquair to Melrose

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Traquair to Melrose


This route is one of 12 sections of the Southern Upland Way. The two halves of this section have very different landscapes.

First is high moorland with amazing views. Then you get riverside walking with towns, history, bridges and ruins.
At the start of this section you will find yourself once again climbing this time on to Minch Moor but once again the views will be worth the effort. Here you will find ‘Point of Resolution’ landscape art this will change the way you look at the view. Coming out of the woodland you will be on wild open moor for several miles before arriving at the three brethren. These three cairns represent the meeting point of three of the largest Scottish estates.

From here you will descend through woodland to a bridge over the river tweed. Then you head through farmland to Galasheils where you will find shops for supplies, cafes and pubs. Heading back to the river you will see Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott on the opposite bank. The river will then take you all the way to Melrose. The town centre is off route but it is a good place to stop for the night. If you stopped in Galasheils it is still worth the detour to see the dramatic ruins of Melrose Abbey, the final resting place of the heart of Robert the Bruce.

17.5mi / 28.5km
Total climb:
2,952ft / 900m
Total descent:
3,214ft / 980m
Towns along route:
Traquair, Melrose
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What you'll see


Towns & Villages

Traquair is a small village, located 2 miles south of Innerleithen


Towns & Villages

The trail starts in Melrose beside the magical Eildon Hills.