The 4 Abbeys

Driving Route

The 4 Abbeys


Visit the magnificent Abbeys which have shaped this part of Scotland.

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What you'll see

Melrose Abbey - Melrose

Visitor Attractions

Melrose Abbey was founded around 1136 by King David I and was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Border abbeys were centres of learning, politics,…


Towns & Villages

Jedburgh lies on the Jed Water, a tributary of the River Teviot.

Kelso Abbey - Kelso

Early Christian, Religious Buildings, Ruins

This is the oldest and was, at one time, the largest of the Border Abbeys and one of the best examples of Romanesque (Norman)architecture in…

Jedburgh Abbey - Jedburgh

Visitor Attractions

There is no known building on this site until the 11th or 12th century. A priory was founded by King David I (1124-53) in 1138.…