Cockburnspath to Dowlaw

Walking Route

Cockburnspath to Dowlaw


Part 1/5 of the Berwickshire Coastal Path route. Key points of interest along this walk: Pease Bay : This Site of Special Scientific Interest is managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust as a Nature Reserve.

Look out for woodpeckers, treecreepers, dippers and various tits and finches. Roe deer and red squirrels have also been known to make this reserve their home.
Siccar Point and St Helen’s Church : A revolutionary moment in the history of geology came in 1788, when James Hutton, James Hall and John Playfair took a boat to Siccar Point where they found horizontal layers of red sandstone overlying older, steeply pitched sedimentary rocks known as greywacke. The site confirmed Hutton’s theory that the Earth was much older than six thousand years, the age (4004 BC) computed from the Bible by Bishop Usher in 1654. We now know that the Devonian red sandstones were laid down some 345 million years ago in desert conditions and overlay the eroded surface of highly folded Silurian sediments which had formed 80 million years earlier on the bottom of a long-vanished ocean.
Dedicated to the mother of Emperor Constantine,
St Helen’s Church served the former parish of Aldcambus which was united with Cockburnspath after the Reformation of 1560.
Look out for Twelve Bronze Trail Markers along the full route by artist John Behm and link the four memorial sculptures along the way.

Please allow at least 3 hours 10 minutes to complete it, excluding the time taken to enjoy the destinations along the way. This is part 1 of 4 of the the Berwickshire Coastal Path which is 24.49 miles long and will take at least 9 hours 30 minutes to complete.

9.5mi / 15km
Total climb:
1,050ft / 320m
Total descent:
689ft / 210m
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What you'll see

Berwickshire Coastal Path Start Point - Cockburnspath

Outdoor Activities

The Berwickshire Coastal Path is one of Scotland's Great Trails starting at Cockburnspath in the north down to Berwick upon Tweed.

Pease Bay - Cockburnspath

Visitor Attractions

Pease is a stunning sandy beach with a great wall of Old Red Devonian sandstone which is just one of the Berwickshire Coast's great geological…

Siccar Point - Berwickshire

Visitor Attractions

One of the World's most important geological locations!

Fast Castle - Eyemouth


The ruins of Fast Castle cling to a sloping platform on top of a promontory which projects from the cliffs just over three miles north…