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Scotland’s Oldest Inhabited House. Visited by 27 Scottish Kings and Queens, Traquair dates back to 1107. Traquair has welcomed many visitors from all over the world and continues to do so today.

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Burns stayed at the nearby town of Innerleithen which was no more than a few thatched cottages in Burns time at the single inn called the Piccadilly. It is curious that Burns, with his proved and often stated Jacobite sympathies, that he was not accommodated at Traquair House but perhaps it was merely a case of not having the right connections to gain entry. Burns did visit Traquair to see the Bear Gates, padlocked shut in support of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

The Bonnie Prince had visited Charles, fifth Earl of Traquair during his March to London in 1745. On his departure, the Jacobite supporting Earl of Traquair closed and locked the Bear Gates at the entrance, swearing they would not be reopened until a Stuart Monarch sat on the Throne. As you will see, they remain locked today.

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Traquair is Scotland’s Oldest Continually Inhabited House dating back over 900 years and still lived in as a family home today.

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