Marine Parade and the Seafront

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Marine Parade has a fine example of a modern housing development that retains much of the scale and character of the local area. From the Marine Parade, it is just a short distance to the old town through winding vennels.

About Marine Parade and the Seafront

As in most coastal communities smuggling was rife during the 18th century and the apparently disorganised layout of the narrow streets was well suited to this clandestine trade. “Imagine a moonless night… a small boat stealthily sliding into the harbour…silent dark forms appearing on the quayside ready to tie up the boat and quickly unload the precious cargo. A shout and the sound of running feet disturbs the night. Torches flare along the quay as the discharge of a pistol shatters the silence. The silent figures shoulder the cargo and disappear into the maze of wynds and vennels. By the time the excise men have reached the spot, the boat has slipped its moorings and merged with the darkness…another night’s work complete”
Most houses would have had their secret storage places and it is traditionally thought underground passages linked many buildings It has been said that there was more of Eyemouth below ground than above. Sadly, much of the old town has been demolished to make way for modern buildings

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