Kirkhope Tower

Kirkhope Tower was originally built in the sixteenth century by the Douglas owners of the Ettrick Valley.

About Kirkhope Tower

Standing lonely on the hillside, is the Kirkhope Tower. This was the home of Willie Scott of Harden who ventured a raid on Murray of Elibank's cattle: he was captured and given the choice of marrying Elibank's youngest and least well-favoured daughter, Muckle Moothed Meg. Despite some doubts, the couple were married and lived happily ever after. This adventure is described by James Hogg ‘The Fray at Elibank’

So Willie took Meg to the forest sae fair,
An’ they lived a most happy an’ social life;
The langer he kend her, he lo’ed her the mair,
For a prudent, a virtuous, and honourable wife.
James Hogg

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