Kenmure Castle

Said to be the birthplace of John Balliol in 1249, the site of Kenmure Castle passed to the Gordons in 1297. It was torched after entertaining Mary, Queen of Scots in 1568 and again by Cromwell in 1650.

About Kenmure Castle

Burns stayed with Gordon John, Seventh Viscount Kenmure and his wife, for three days at Kenumre Castle, from 27th July 1793, which the poet and his friend Syme were making a tour of Galloway. Syme related than when Mrs Gordon's lapdog 'Echo' died, she asked Burns for an epitaph. This Burns rather reluctantly gave her — 'In wood and wild, ye warbling throng', one of his feebler efforts. But Burns was clearly grateful for the hospitality referring to Gordon in his 2nd Heron Election Ballad as 'Kenmure sae gen'rous'.

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