Friars Carse

History & Heritage
In Burns’ time this modern country house hotel was known as Glenriddell, home to his friend Captain Robert Riddell.

About Friars Carse

Key to Burns’ prolific writing while at Ellisland was almost certainly the use of a ‘cottage’ set within the grounds of the present Friars Carse Country House Hotel. In a precursor to the garden shed of modern celebrity writers, Riddell gave his friend the keys of an architectural folly known as The Hermitage, so the great poet could retreat (possibly from the noise of his many children) and put pen to paper.

The hotel’s restaurant is named after Burn’s ballad “The Whistle” which tells the story of a famous drinking competition staged in the room. Fergusson of Craigdarroch was declared the outright winner, as at the end of the evening, he was the only sportsman still able to carry a tune on an ebony whistle!

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