Chapel Finian

Early Christian, Ruins
Walk in the footsteps of early Christian pilgrims at this ruined chapel, named for St Columba’s tutor.

About Chapel Finian

Chapel Finian was probably built in the AD 900s or 1000s, probably as a resting spot for pilgrims on their way to Whithorn Priory. It was built in the Irish style, and is very simple, comprising a single rectangular room.

The chapel is named after the Irish saint Finnian, the scholar and monastic founder who is said to have taught St Columba. Some scholars believe that Finnian is a corruption of Uinniau. Uinniau was a bishop in the 500s and established churches in Ireland and south-west Scotland. Uinniau is also thought to be the real historical figure behind St Ninian, whose cult is closely associated with nearby Whithorn.

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