Carsphairn Kirkyard

Religious Buildings
The parish of Carsphairn was a frequent location of Conventicles as a number of Covenanters lived here.

About Carsphairn Kirkyard

Carsphairn’s location high in the Galloway hills, on the border between Ayrshire and the Stewarty of Kirkcudbright made it a frequent hideout for Covenanters. The parish was also a frequent location of field meetings and a number of Covenanters lived here. The first church in Carsphairn was built in 1635 shortly before the new parish of Carsphairn was created in 1645. Significant rebuilding of the church took place in 1815 to allow far more light into the building, with further extensive remodelling occurring in 1933 to give the present beautiful interior of the church. There is a gravestone commemorates Alex McTurk and Margaret McTurk, who died in the late 18th century and John McTurk, who died in 1761. A 1990 transcription reads: 'Here lyes the bodies of Alex McTurk& Margaret Ireland. Sober were frugal and just who now do lie. Here lyes the corps of John McTurk who died 8 March 1761’.

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