Why Not Scotland?

date_range 21st March, 2024

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SCOTLAND: The Big Picture
Join us for the Peebles screening of a brand new feature length documentary, plus a 20-minute panel Q&A session after the film.

Across mainland Europe, nature is making a dramatic recovery. Wildlife is returning, forests are expanding, rivers are being set free and wetlands restored. As nature bounces back, people are returning too, finding new economic opportunities and enjoying the many benefits of a revitalised landscape.

So, if rewilding can happen in Italy, Germany, Poland and Norway, could Scotland be next?

Like many of her generation, Flo is concerned by the state of nature and fearful about an uncertain future. However, during her travels around Europe, she discovers places where nature is making a spectacular comeback, breathing life back into the landscape and revitalising human communities. Encouraged by these stories of hope and renewal, she is prompted to wonder: Why Not Scotland?

Why Not Scotland? is produced by SCOTLAND: The Big Picture as part of the Rewilding Nation campaign, led by the Scottish Rewilding Alliance.
19:30 to 21:30 - Thursday 21st March
SCOTLAND: The Big Picture
Eastgate Theatre

EH45 8AD