The Adventures of Dr Dolittle

date_range 16th July, 2024

Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the event information but we recommend contacting the event organisers before attending.

Doctor Dolittle leads a simple life as the village doctor in sleepy Puddleby-On-The-Marsh. He often undercharges his patients, or treats them for free, so he is terribly poor. But one day, with the help of his wise old parrot Polynesia, he makes an extraordinary discovery: that he can talk to animals. As news of his talent as an animal doctor spreads, animals across the world send messages asking for his help.

So he borrows a leaky old ship and embarks on a thrilling quest to cure illness, spread kindness, and better understand animals everywhere. He is joined on his adventures by a loyal animal crew: Jip (a dog), Chee-Chee (a monkey), Dab Dab (a duck), and Gub Gub (an ever-hungry, cake-loving pig) –who together may even help him fix his money problems!

Hugh Lofting’s timeless classic inspires audiences to see the world through the eyes of animals.
This funny, exciting family musical will be performed with flair and wit by Illyria in the great outdoors here at Crawick Multiverse on Tuesday 16th July. The performance will begin at 6pm.

Running time (approx): 110-minutes (including a 20-minute interval). Suitable for ages 5+ (younger children also welcome).

Gates will be open from 4pm to allow those attending Dr Dolittle to explore Crawick Multiverse before the show starts (no additional charge).
Crawick Multiverse