Stories of Scotland at Ryan Centre

date_range 8th March, 2024

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What got you through COVID? For many the period of lockdown involved watching more TV and internet media than ever before. Scottish comedian, Bruce Fummey, set up a YouTube channel called Scotland History Tours. He says: ‘When COVID came along I had two jobs, as a stand-up comic and as a tour guide. Both were impossible... so I started making YouTube videos about our wonderful country. The incredible thing is the number of people who come up to me and tell me that the thing I did to get me though COVID was the thing that got them through COVID.’
Life is back to normal for Bruce now, but everything has changed. After touring his unique brand of comedy and history Show Stories of Scotland in Australia and New Zealand in 2023 he’s touring back home in Scotland. ‘Stories of Scotland is an evening of Scottish historical stand-up comedy presented by tour guide, Scottish Comedian of the Year winner and now YouTuber Bruce Fummey.
Through wall-to-wall jokes (some of them smutty) and vivacious personality Bruce takes you on a journey from the origins of humanity to the ingenuity of Scottish inventors with stops along the way to peek at the people who made Scotland and their inevitable conflict with their neighbours.
With delighted crowds and sold out shows in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Auckland, Dunedin and Christchurch and ALL of Scotland behind him, Bruce is coming to Stranraer. He brings his own style of crass but self-deprecating, educational silliness to The Ryan Centre.

If you’re familiar with Bruce’s YouTube channel Scotland History Tours you will have heard him telling stories from Scotland’s history on each Saturday morning’s upload, where he aims to relate history in story form. Some stories are sad, some thoughtful and some told with a cheeky smile. His live show takes the latter to the next level.
Folks might have seen Bruce popping up on TV or in the cinema of late. Bruce appeared on BBC’s series Take a Hike as well as Countryfile, Great Food Guys and much more. Film goers may have seen him playing the character of Hamish in the 2022 Steven Frear’s movie ‘The Lost King’ covering the discovery of the remains of Richard III in a Leicester car park. You may have seen him in several other TV and acting roles such as The Wedding and Carry Me Home.
Bruce said: ‘It’s incredible the number of opportunities that came my way as a result of the recent pandemic. I was a tour guide during the day and a stand-up comic at night. COVID made both jobs unviable, so I started making YouTube videos. I had no idea that they would take off and I’d end up in film and television. In spite of that the best thing in the world is still doing live stand up and teaching folk the history of the country I love along the way.’

“This man exudes infectious warmth and humour”
“Put simply, he is a very, very funny man” The Skinny
“His timing is split second and his ad-lib ability is amazing” Daily Record
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