Raiders Gravel

31st August 2023

Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the event information but we recommend contacting the event organisers before attending.

Raiders Gravel is a uniquely Scottish gravel adventure and our stunning routes take riders on three challenging routes though the Galloway Forest Park, witnessing its stunning beauty and wildlife, with almost every kilometre off road. And while each of the three stages is different, all will touch Raiders Road, a 16km gravel trail running east to west which lends the event its name.

With a social ride the day before the action begins, and the accompanying festival Raiders Gravel has the optimal mix of adventure, exertion, culture and relaxation making for an unforgettable cycling event in one of Scotland’s unspoilt gems.

You can tackle Raiders as a team of two or solo entrant. Join us next summers for the second edition between August 31st and September 3rd.
08:00 - Thursday 31st August
Garries Park

Gatehouse of Fleet