Old Gala House Ghost Hunt w/ Haunted Rooms

date_range 17th February, 2024 - 10th August, 2024

Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the event information but we recommend contacting the event organisers before attending.

Join us for a night of ghost hunting at Old Gala House. As darkness descends upon Galashiels, the Old Gala House, a formidable structure dating back to 1583, casts long, haunting shadows. This once grand residence of the Lairds of Galashiels, now a museum and gallery by day, morphs into a chilling playground of the supernatural by night.

As the night draws in, both staff and guests have reported a variety of eerie occurrences. Strange lights flicker in the corners of your eyes, and the statues adorning the house seem to shift when unobserved. The air is often filled with the disembodied sounds of children’s laughter and a chilling, spectral whistling. Some have even reported the sensation of a tall man leaning over them, his presence as cold as the Scottish winter.
20:00 to 02:00 - Saturday 17th February
20:00 to 02:00 - Saturday 25th May
20:00 to 02:00 - Friday 9th August
Old Gala House
Scott Cres