Leaving Vietnam

date_range 8th November, 2023 - 9th November, 2023

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A thought-provoking and timely solo play by award-winning actor-playwright Richard Vergette.

When Jimmy Vanderberg leaves the Ford factory to volunteer to serve in Vietnam, he wants to prove himself a man. But after the war, Jimmy returns to a country more humiliated than grateful and feels abandoned by those he served.

Jimmy is a dependable family man, a taxpayer and a decorated war veteran, but as he sees his income plummet, his friends thrown on the scrapheap and jobs disappear overseas his resentment rises.

Jimmy decides to “Make America Great Again” but a chance visit by the son of a fallen comrade forces him to doubt his convictions which leads to a moment of profound emotional understanding.

The play’s moving depiction of dealing with trauma is universal, helping us understand that to overcome it we must face the truth of it in the here and now.
Duration: 70 minutes
Recommended Age: 14+
Tickets : £12.50
19:30 to 20:40 - Wednesday 8th November
14:30 to 15:40 - Thursday 9th November
Swallow Theatre
Moss Park