A future for curlews?

date_range 21st March, 2023

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Event in person at Balmaclellan Smiddy or Online.

The curlew is one of our most popular farmland birds, but their numbers have been declining over the last thirty years. Some of these declines are so dramatic that curlew conservation has become a major biodiversity issue in the UK, and the birds stand on the brink of extinction in many parts of the country. Join us on 21st March as we try to take stock of what has happened and plot a way forward for the species.

Mary Colwell's 2018 book ‘Curlew Moon’ placed curlews at the centre of a much wider loss of rich, traditional farmland habitats. Following her epic walk across Ireland, Wales and England to explore issues around curlew conservation, the book raises an important alarm for the species at a time of great worry and concern for its future. She is now the Chair of Curlew Action, a charity devoted to curlew conservation, and she also sits on DEFRA's Curlew Recovery Partnership in England. During this event, Mary will provide a national perspective on curlew and curlew decline, including the challenges and opportunities posed by modern agriculture, forestry and climate change.

Providing a little more Scottish context, writer and conservationist Patrick Laurie will look at the future for curlews in Galloway, where the number of birds has fallen to worryingly low levels since the 1990s.
19:30 to 21:00 - Tuesday 21st March
Balmaclellan Smiddy