Town of 1000 Trails

Outdoor Activities
Town of 1000 Trails is a fully user interactive online platform which promotes walking, cycling, running and horse-riding trails around Hawick.

About Town of 1000 Trails

Our aim is to use the glorious countryside surrounding Hawick to make the town and it’s surrounding area a home for outdoor activities.

The idea of this hub is to be a resource for all things Hawick and a centre for the town and it’s visitors. It will be the home of what will be 1000 walking, running, cycling and horse riding trails around Hawick and its environs.

We want to make Hawick and the surrounding area the ‘go to’ destination for walking, running, cycling and horse riding for all ages and abilities and to become a destination for tourists to enjoy heritage related attractions on foot, on bicycles or on horseback.

We want you to be at the heart of this project by uploading your own trails, images and reviews. We can showcase what is on offer here and give you everything you need to plan a trip, but only you can share your personal experience.

This is also a forum for people of Hawick to share their images, insight and knowledge with a worldwide audience and the world over will see things they never knew existed in this area.

This site is your online tourist guide to Hawick and the surrounding villages and countryside. It includes 100s of different types of trails where you can enjoy walking, running, cycling and horse riding within easy reach of Hawick. We will tell you how long the trails take, how easy or difficult they may be and where you can park. You will also find images, maps and other supporting information so you have everything you need to do the trail of your choice.

You will also find information about local events, places to grab a coffee, plan a meal and details of the many local tourist attractions to entertain you and your family.

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