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Travel back in time to Romans, knights, Jacobites and reivers. Gaze at century-old abbeys standing tall in the vast landscape, uncover the mysteries of the Templars, and trace Scottish culture to the places that shaped it. It’s better felt than telt.

East Port - Lauder

History & Heritage

The narrowest part of the A68 road from Edinburgh to Newcastle is at the former East Port in Lauder

Kirk Wynd - Lauder

History & Heritage

Kirk Wynd once led to the Old Kirk in the grounds of Thirlestane Castle and the name has remained ever since

Working Men’s institute - Duns

History & Heritage

This building was built in 1877 and displays a Dutch gable pediment and unusual stone columns.

Pavilion Lodge - Duns

History & Heritage

Pavilion Lodge which dates from the 1770s and is one of the entrances to Duns Castle. Duns Castle and its grounds are private property

Ninewells Dovecot - Chirnside

History & Heritage

This circular structure dates back to the 16th century and is one of a number of dovecots built to house and feed pigeons over the…

Tolbooth House - Duns

History & Heritage

The tolbooth was where market traders paid levies to sell their goods and where those who fell foul of the law were imprisoned

Burgh Buildings and War Memorial - Galashiels

History & Heritage

This was the site of the house of the Gala Estate’s miller.

Glenesk Viaduct - Dalkeith

History & Heritage

The Glenesk Viaduct spans a deep gorge over the North Esk, at Dalkeith. Opened in 1847, it is one of the earliest major railway bridges…

Old Selkirk Prison - Selkirk

History & Heritage

The library was once Selkirk's Prison