Peter Pan Moat Brae


Peter Pan Moat Brae

Explore Moat Brae, an architectural wonder, reconstructed to its 1870s heyday when its most regular visitor was the teenage J. M. Barrie. His years in Dumfries as the “happiest of his life” and he credited the garden at Moat Brae as the inspiration for Peter Pan and Neverland.
Experience for yourself the magical setting that gave rise to such invention and creativity and let your own imagination flourish!

About Peter Pan Moat Brae

A wonderfully designed and re-imagined house, an insight into JM Barrie and how he imagined children would read and interact with his stories, you can sit at the dining table with JM Barrie and his school friends, help catch Peter Pan’s shadow and even put on a costume and star in a play of your own. This is a place to rediscover your childhood fantasies and relive the sense of wonder from the first time you read your favourite story.


The experiences can be tailored. Contact us for more information.

Guided Tour of Peter Pan Moat Brae

Price: £12.00

Capacity: 7 to 35 people

Duration: 60 minutes

Availability: All year around

Tales of Neverland - Tales from the South of Scotland

Price: £12

Capacity: 7 to 35 people

Duration: 2 hours

Availability: Enquire for details