Glencorse Trail

Walking Route

Glencorse Trail


This walk is steep and rough for short sections, but should be easily achievable by most people with care.

Start off at the large car park situated next to the Pentland Hills Cafe Express (the former Information Centre). Tasty hot food and coffee can be found here on your return! Walk up the small path which runs along to the right of the single-track road, until you pop back onto the road and immediately turn left through a pedestrian gate. Follow this path ahead, ignoring the route to the left, until you get to the old Filter Beds. Check out the old water buildings, as well as oddities such as the metal trumpet-like air valve which now has a tree in very close proximity!

Carry on until you come across a steep path to the right, and follow that up to the road (you may wish to divert towards the waterfall first, if it is in spate).

Once you reach the road, turn left and walk alongside Glencorse Reservoir until you get to a shelter belt of coniferous trees to your right (Glencorse Reservoir is still occasionally used to provide drinking water for the city of Edinburgh, topping up supplies from Megget and Talla reservoirs).

Turn right up the path which runs up the hill to the left of the shelter belt, and at the top of the path turn right after stopping to drink in the view to the south-west.

Follow this track through some gates, keeping the military firing range to your left. You may hear some loud bangs as soldiers practice their sharp-shooting! Eventually you will come to a path signposted "Flotterstone", leading down to the right. Follow this route (known locally as Buckie Brae) back down to the Glen road, and turn left to head back to your start point near the cafe and inn, for a well-deserved pint or coffee!

Please allow at least 1 hour 50 minutes to complete it, excluding the time taken to enjoy the destinations along the way.

2.5mi / 4.5km
Total climb:
426ft / 130m
Total descent:
426ft / 130m
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What you'll see

Pentland Hills Cafe Express - Penicuik

Café & Tearooms

Tasty hot food and coffee can be found here.

Glencorse Reservoir - Penicuik

Nature & Animals

Glencorse Reservoir is a reservoir in Midlothian, Scotland, UK, two miles west of Glencorse, in the Pentland Hills.