Allan Ramsay Blue Trail

Walking Route

Allan Ramsay Blue Trail


Start at The Allan Ramsay Hotel in Carlops. Walk south toward Carlops Church. Cross over the main road and follow the path into the field passing the children’s play area, over the footbridge and left onto the tarmac road.

Walk along the road until you reach its end with a delightful cottage facing you, on the left take the entrance marked with two stone obelisks.

Continue walking until a wooded area appears. Climb over the fence at this point and walk along the top of the glen, through the clearing taking the path on the left, down the brae, over the bridge and you will find Peggy’s Pool.

Heading back:
From Peggy’s Pool take the left hand track up the glen. Take a left at the path with the handrail and left again at the top of the hill. Proceed through the wooden gate and follow the path over the field and take the right hand fork towards the main road. Cross over the main road and walk up the track to the Roman road, here take a left and follow the track leading to a footpath. This will bring you back to Carlops. Once in Carlops turn down the small road on the right at the toll bridge - here you can view the beautiful Patie’s Mill and waterfall. Return to the Allan Ramsay Hotel for refreshments.

Please allow at least 48 minutes to complete it, excluding the time taken to enjoy the destinations along the way.

2.5mi / 3.5km
Total climb:
230ft / 70m
Total descent:
230ft / 70m
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What you'll see

The Allan Ramsay Hotel - Penicuik


The Allan Ramsay Hotel is one of Scotland's oldest coaching inns located in the village of Carlops at the foot of the Pentland Hills only…

Peggy's Pool - Carlops

Nature & Animals

Peggy's Pool on the North Esk River