The Secret Herb Garden

Visitor Attractions
We are a specialist Herb Nursery nestled at the foot of the Pentland hills on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

About The Secret Herb Garden

We wish the Secret Herb Garden to be a place where people can ‘open the door to the magic of herbs’. To relax, enjoy and feel embraced by the herbs whether that’s sitting amongst them in the glasshouse or walking among them in the gardens. The Secret Herb Garden offers something for everyone: a place to enjoy and be embraced by the surrounding herbs, plants and nature. It offers a haven to sit, enjoy and contemplate, or a place to get involved and learn how herbs and nature have an important place in our daily lives.

The environment is a relaxed, a place where people can come and enjoy and just be, to enjoy the space inside and out.

The glasshouse is a magical experience full colour and beauty with intense aroma, it offer an interactive area for children and adults to enjoy alike, to experience herbs from around the world and to learn about their different medicinal, culinary and decorative attributes.

The School and herb drying room is used as an educational space with courses running on various subjects including growing herbs, bee keeping, candle making, foraging as well as Festive and seasonal courses.

The drying room is used to preserve herbs and flowers though the drying process, they are then used within the café and for sale in the shop in the form of herbal teas, other herbie products.

The café is a family friendly environment with fresh, seasonal, home-made food grown and produced where possible at the Secret Herb Garden. The environment is relaxed, a place where people can come and enjoy and just be, to enjoy the space inside and out.

The shop will support the products from the Garden such as candles, honey, teas, coffee, culinary and medicinal herbs as well as freshly cut flowers. They also support Scottish producers, artists and local craft makers.

The Secret Herb Garden was born in 2011 when Hamish and Liberty went on their first date “Dog Walking” Hamish a wine merchant with a passion for Herbs dreamt of a magical Herb Garden and Liberty a resource manager with a passion for all thing vintage dreamt of a café and shop full of charm, a shop that would make you smile, the seeds were sown and the dream began, Hamish started a Diploma in Herbology at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and after securing the plot of land that now is the Secret Herb Garden on the 31st August 2012 (the blue moon) Liberty left her role in banking to create the couples dream.

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