Shawfair Railway Station

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Shawfair was conceived as a significant part of Edinburgh and Midlothian's answer to the housing shortage

About Shawfair Railway Station

Whilst the area is covered by farmland, most of the area is reclaimed from former industrial uses, primarily coal mining. The plan is to have a thriving sustainable community of some 4000 households located here by 2035. The branding "Live closer" is inviting you to live closer to the city and to the country, closer to your work and to your play - this is the suburban dream. There may not be much as yet for the visitor to see but why should the area be ignored just because it is history in the making? You might prefer to be an armchair traveller but the railway station is open so for the insatiably curious. You can alight at Shawfair and make your way to Newton Church, stroll around Woolmet Memorial Park, or just go and inspect the progress of the building works.

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