Loanhead Roslin Circular

Outdoor Activities
This is a short level ride, keeping to mainly quiet roads and cycle paths. Distance: 8miles /1.5 hours but longer if you make any of the stops

About Loanhead Roslin Circular

Key Points of Interest on this route:
Rosslyn Chapel - Dating from the 15th century this is Midlothian’s most well known historic building with visitors coming from all over the world.
Rosslyn Castle - Built mainly around 1450 it is a partially ruined castle located within 200m of Rosslyn Chapel. It is not open to public visits but can be viewed form a distance.
Old Pentland Cemetery - The Gibsone burial vault was built in 1839 and there is an 18th-century watch house, used to guard against body snatchers. There are several medieval cross-slabs in the cemetery.

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