Galloway Astronomy Centre

Dark Skies
The location for anyone wanting to see thousands of stars in a dark sky.

About Galloway Astronomy Centre

The location for anyone wanting to see thousands of stars in a dark sky.
There are few places in the UK where you can clearly see the Milky Way and also the Andromeda Galaxy with just your eyes.

The Galloway Astronomy Centre is such a place.

Located approximately 20 miles south of the Internationally recognised Gold Award Dark Sky Park at the Galloway Forest.

Our beautiful night sky is free of light pollution making viewing the wonders of the night sky an unforgettable experience.

One big advantage of the Galloway Astronomy Centre
over other observatories is that after stargazing there is no travelling on unlit or icy roads, your warm accommodation is only a short walk away. Find out more here

We can also offer you further accommodation just down the road at Monreith. Click Here for more information

Whatever you’re interested in, be it Astronomy or you just want to experience seeing a sky full of stars, we can take you on a journey around our Solar System and far beyond to see the many wonders of the Universe.

Everything you need for star gazing is on site.

Not only does our Observatory house a 16 inch reflecting telescope but we also offer you warm and comfortable accommodation in the cottage.

Night sky tours are available to non residents too.
Please bring warm clothes, coats and hats with you – it can be cold at night at any time of the year.

Do you have a star named after you? Just let us know the details and we can advise the best time of year to visit to see your star.

Our primary aim at the Centre is to ensure guests get maximum enjoyment from a visit.

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